In 1972, Gene VanNostrand started a small, one man machine shop in Farmingdale, Long Island NY called Elmco Mfg. Having no CNC equipment at the time, Gene, a talented machinist, worked long hours running manual Bridgeports and Cincinnati horizontals to manufacture precision parts for the medical and aerospace industries.  As his business grew, in 1976 he hired Ralph Esposito, fresh out of the Air Force, to work for him.  Eventually, in 1982, Gene moved the business to Bohemia, and in 1984 hired Lee Beers.  By then, Elmco had CNC equipment, as well as quite a few manual machines.  Gene taught us how to be machinists. Soon, the old way of doing things was giving way to hi tech machining.  The manual machines were used less and less, and Gene purchased more CNC equipment.  In 1986, Gene decided to close Elmco and take Ralph as a partner in Van-Ess Manufacturing.  In 1990, it was decided that Van-Ess was moving to Florida.  Gene retired in 2004, and Ralph and Lee bought him out.  Sadly, Gene passed away in 2010.  In 2021, Ralph retired, and the company is now being led solely by Lee Beers.


Our company strives to produce the items that your projects needs. We use precision tools to meet the specifications that you require.


We are located in Florida USA. We have been in business since 1986 producing quality precision items to meet our customers needs.

Your goals are our goals

We aim to to help you accomplish your goals. We keep our word to you.

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